A blog about finding and keeping my 1973 Mustang Grande (V8 - 351C 2V). Produced on July 6, 1973. Sold in Florida, USA.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

The tags

I found my car's buck tag! Now I need to decipher it :-)

I also found the valve cover tag, which was covered under oil and dirt. What's this mean?!

And these things are cracking but I don't know their english name...

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Another day at the office

My new drip-plate has been under my Mustang for a week so I was curious to see how much it would've leaked. I was rather shocked by the amount of transmission oil that had come out. I might have to look into that. Crap!

I wanted to clean under the driver's side valve cover in preparation of the oil change.

It looked OK but there are a few issues.

In the red circle there is some sort of splash screen, I think oil squirts against it from the little hole in the push rod and then drips on to the rocker. In the second rocker that little splash screen is missing, it lies at the bottom... The 6th or 7th rocker is missing the splash screen as well.

This is the inside of the valve cover. I want to clean that before I put new oil in my engine.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Installing the new turn signal switch

Yes! Finally time to install the new turn signal hardware! So far I had taken off the wheel. Now I had to take out the old hardware. Let's start with a pretty picture from Haynes:

The first thing to do is disconnect the turn signal-wire. It's described as the "Quick coupler".

The guys at Ford or Haynes or wherever they came up with this name must've been from another planet where time goes reeeaaalllly slow because there is absolutely NOTHING quick about it!

It took me nearly TWO hours to get it disconnected. Maybe because I didn't remove my seat or something else but still! Bloody hell it was a royal PITA!

Initially I wanted to try and remove the old hardware intact but after looking at this.... You can see how the wires run through the bracket where it was nice and stuck.

Since I don't know what happens when I un-bolt everything I wasn't up for that much excitement and I decided to cut off the "quick coupler"and yank everything out.

So I unscrewed the three screws that hold down the turn signal hardware...

Don't forget this thing, whatever it is for.

And there it goes!

After I cleaned the inside I installed the new turn signal. Funny how there's an opening made to fit the quick coupler. So I figure in the factory they installed like this as well.

Screwing the new switch in place was easy. Now I had to run the cable through the column, not so easy...

Here's another photo from Haynes showing the steering column for a '73.

This is where the cable needs to go through. You can't do it without loosening up the steering column.

To get some wiggle room unscrew all these bolts and nuts. Nuts 'A' only need to come down a bit. Same with 'C' and 'B' can come out or leave in as long as the column can be moved.

Now there's enough room to squeeze the connector through. It's gonna take a lot of squeezing to get it in the same position as the original was. But you need it to be there again to get enough length to reach the connector.

Once hooked up I was able to test and they worked beautifully!

All that's left now is to screw everything back together again :-)


After several unsuccessful attempts to ˜click~the connectors together I have given up and now a tie-wrap is holding them together. I didn't want to force them into eachother any more because I was scared that I might break one of the metal parts inside. It was holding without the tie-wrap but I don't want them to come undone while driving so there.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

The new turn signal

My old turn signal doesn't always blink when I turn right and it's getting annoying not to mention that it's dangerous when people can't see me indicating my directions. So it needs to be fixed.

I could take it out and fix it but I have ordered a new one to simply replace it. Maybe I'll still fix it, someday but for now I want a working turn signal.

So I bought this Scott Drake replica that I received today.

It looks very nice and shiny and complete. This is the front.

This is the back. Stay tuned for the actual replacement.

My Mustang in a calendar!

My Mustang is featured in the 2017 Car of the Month calendar of the 7173Mustangs.com forum! I think this is pretty cool and I'm also very proud of it :-)

If you want a calendar for yourself, you can buy them here, at LuLu's.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Fixing the distributor

So... Apparently I was missing this little wire in my distributor. Someone pointed that out to me after seeing the picture of my wire-less dizzy. How was I supposed to know? Some former owner must have removed it. The wire is critical because it grounds the ignition module. Without proper grounding the ignition goes to shits. So I made my own cable.

I installed the wire in the distributor, checked everything a few times over and put everything back together.

Then I started my car and guess what? It fired the first time! See the clip below:

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Installing Pertronix Ignitor II and Flamethrower II.

So today I went to my car to replace the old points in my distributor with a brand new Pertronix Ignitor II module. Also the coil was going to be replaced with a Pertronix Flamethrower II.

Big surprise when I popped the distributor cap off. There was a Pertronix Ignitor I (older version which is still sold) in it! Well, that saved me a bit of work ripping out the old stuff at least.

I also replaced the rotor. The old one is burned too bad for my liking.

So that's the base plate that I need to install the new module on. I noticed that I can move it with my finger a bit. Not sure if it's supposed to.

Here's everything installed. It wasn't too hard. Unfortunately it didn't fix my starting issues so the next post will most likely about finding TDC and setting the initial timing...